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Snow Glob Secretary

So, it was a slow day at work a few weeks ago and I began to think how being a reciptionist is similar to living in a snow globe.  So, I wrote a poem to pass the time 🙂  Thought I would share it, in the event that anyone feels like I do sometimes, placed for a purpose but still just a little stuck.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a poet, but I do claim to be good at entertaining myself.  It is written in more of a rant style, so no worries for no correct meter or cadence 🙂

To see the world through glass.
Entombed and encased, you walk past,
never seeing but to notice the figure frozen within.
But one scene here in to be witnessed,
but one form forever ensconced in plain sight.
This purpose is masked by the ornament and embellishment
embodied in the supporting base.
Yet you pass,
never dreaming more
than a still form
lies beneath
the shear shell that you see.
A simple depiction set day after day,
reflecting the musing of the creator’s hand.
A voice seemingly stifled,
but always observing the beauty
and movement of the external life,
constant motion,
an ebb and flow of drive.
Chained to this shelf,
a bystander subject to the dust
that the present sedentary demands,
and yet confident of the higher plan
in motion
while in time viewed still.
But as destined in selection,
prepared and packaged with planned intent,
a life to inspire and delight,
with anticipation waiting.
Waiting for the shaking that will set beauty in motion;
and unleash a destined light of joy,
warming hearts and inciting dreams.
A turbulence that births fresh perspective and things
as of yet unseen.
With eyes now enlightened
and life once excited,
gladly introduced to this breathtaking mystery,
previously hindered by mediocrity,
I remain.
My position has not
and will never change,
but by this insight I will forever remain,
ready for all I know to be raised,
shifted and shaken,
caught in the haze,
yet knowing that when
this existence has met it’s end,
the beauty was in the motion.


PS-Happy Birthday Bubby!!!!! Tonight is going to be Ledgend….wait for it….Dairy!


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How do you Fly in the Gifting and Calling Connected to your Life Surrounded by Every Day Average Joes?

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Superman!!!!!  Talk about a case of mistaken identity.  A bird, really?  I hope that is a result of fallible human eyes that can’t see this high up.  A plane?  I know I have a steely physique, but I’m more streamlined that a plane…at least a jet.  Superman!  Finally, they get it!!!  Now, I can’t prove that these are the meditative conclusions Mr. Super has when the canonized tagline is uttered, but if I put myself in his shoes…boots, there was a time not too long ago that hearing the citizen’s of my fair city confuse me with a pigeon would have annoyed me to no end.  Here is the greatest superhero the world (or at least the city of Metropolis) will ever know.  In my own experience, growing up, especially as a believer who was just discovering Law 1-God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life, my biggest struggle with stepping into the purpose and calling, the destiny that had been mapped from the foundations of the earth, was my pride.  Now, this is probably a good indicator why in my teenage years and my early 20’s, I was not endowed with the amazing ability to fly or read minds or levitate stuff.  Like we discussed in our last Super post, with great power comes great responsibility, and where pride is, responsibility is often overlooked.

Now wait a minute, you might say.  Isn’t this post about discovering how to fly and be a superhero when we are surrounded by Average Joes?  I’m pretty sure that’s what the title says.  Yep, I checked, right there in the slightly larger title type.  Well, as Lucky Bob from Histeria would say “You are correct, sir.”  But putting on a cape and spandex no more makes you a hero than running around with a soap box makes you a minister.  The first part of stepping into destiny is being willing to step away from ordinary things.  Not things like having a job, being in a family or being polite and well mannered; but things like having breakdowns, fleshing out, being self-driven or motivated by self.  Take a second and think about those people you looked up to as a child.  We all had our favorites.  I’ll take a proverbial bullet for the team and confess one of my favorites growing up was Sailor Moon and her compatriots, the Sailor Scouts.  Feel free to get the laughs out now.  Here was this vapid airhead of a teenager who all of a sudden is accosted by a talking cat that tells her she is a Super Hero with awesome powers supplied by the Moon.  She has a purpose-Find the Moon Princess, because evil has invaded the earth and only the Moon Princess can defeat it.  Now, for a 14 year old obsessed with boys, food and everything trendy and easy, this was a bit of a stretch.  And for a time, Serena fought it.  Nothing killed her high from life quicker than that Cat with a British accent showing up and telling her “I know you’re having fun right now, but there are bad vibes over here.  Stop what you are doing and go check it out”.  If I had put a dollar away every time Serena gripped about wanting to be a normal teenager, I could have paid for college.  She constantly had to leave her friends, who were doing normal things, to put her neck out there for someone she didn’t know.  And for a time, she was alone in this.  I think, silly as it is, this is a great picture for what it means to fly high when surrounded by average Joes.  I’m sure there were many times when Clark Kent had his own price to pay to do what needed to be done.  Watching Lois gallivant around and get herself into trouble, but oh no, Lex Luther has unleashed some diabolical plan!  Or how about playing wingman to the Star Reporter, when he was, in reality, the headline maker?  Worse even, Lois being obsessed with Superman and unimpressed with Clark Kent by comparison.  I’d put money on the likelihood of a thought similar to “What’s he got that I don’t? Oh wait, that’s right, nothing, because I am him” flying through Clark’s head as listened to Lois going on and on about Superman.  But it’s the ability to put flesh down and do what needs to be done, even when no one else around you is willing to that will qualify you for your destiny.  Pulling Sailor Moon in one more time, the conclusion of the matter that we were somehow supposed to be shocked by was this: Serena was the Moon Princess <gasp>!  She had been looking for herself the whole time.  But that fact was only revealed after it had cost (temporarily) her true love.  But the willingness to push on, even when she didn’t want to unleashed the potential within.  And it was potential that the world needed.  What would have happened to the world if she had responded with “I don’t care that there is some extremely bad nega-energy coming from the Crystal Tower and there is a good chance that the Negaverse will get all the crystals.  I just want to drink my shake, see a movie and hang out with my friends.”  You can bet it would have cost more than just her.  Same with SM.  What if he decided to forego taking care of Lex to show Lois a good time?

The point is, what sets Superhero’s apart from Average Joes is that they are willing to set comfort and personal agendas aside for the greater good, to do what only they can do, even though no one knows.  That is how you fly.  When self can be put aside and purpose can drive, you will find your destiny is greater than just being a little different or having cool powers.  It’s about stepping into being that divine fingerprint that show’s God Is Here!  And nothing smudges a finger print worse than dragging and fighting the process.

ConvoKey: Is it just me, or is it hard not to want to be seen?  Does anyone else struggle with comparing what you have to do to step into your destiny with what it appears others have to do to accomplish what they seemingly have?

Next Time: Alien Nation or Alienation? Wielding Relationships Wisely.


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First Adventure of the Spring

Note: Wrote this last week and never posted it, so it’s a week late, but it was still fun!

Spring is finally here!!!!!  As interesting as it was to live somewhere where it snows (can’t lie, wasn’t expecting Nashville to be that state.  Illinois or Ohio, sure, but Tenseness?), but I am a Cali girl at heart and I was a little tired of getting weird looks wearing flip flops to Kroger’s while it flurried outside.  But, this post isn’t about winter, it’s about Spring!!!

When I first moved here, the catch phrase that seemed to resound from all my fellow California transplants was “Wait until Spring—it’s beautiful”  And true to their words, life has been burst at the proverbial seams.  The trees are all in bloom, both with flowers and leaves, the weather has gotten warm enough for jaunts with dad on the motorcycle (more on that later) and all in all, it just makes me want to live in sun dresses and flip flops and read outside all day…Until it rains, but with every give, there is some take.

This past weekend, Mom and I were randomly taken with the idea of hitting the yard sales.  Friday night, we decided let’s go dig through other peoples junk until we find something awesome!  So, Saturday morning hits, we jump on Craigslist and jot down some locals to visit.  Once in the car, armed with our $1 drinks from McD’s, we embark.  Upon arriving at our first location, we discovered they must have had awesome junk, because they were already gone.  Second stop…gone.  Driving around, we only saw one or two unadvertised shindigs capitalizing on baby clothes and grandmotherly decorations.  Saddened, we determined all the true sales must have been raptured, because really, we weren’t seeing anything. Did I mention this was all in a 30 minute time frame (our town isn’t very big and neither of us really know our way around).  Well, as we were reduced to driving aimlessly around the backwoods of Bellevue, a friend called and gave us “directions” to a quaint little neighborhood of shops known as Berry Hill (we think it is actually a town snuggled in another town).

In that moment, we decided “Let’s do it!” It didn’t matter that we had no clue where we were going and in the long run, our directions were missing some important turns, but long story short, we made it to Berry Hill.  It was a breath of Santa Cruz air nestled in the heart of whatever bigger town Berry Hill is in.

Our journey started at the Curious Heart—we laughed and laughed…talk about pricy novelty that is worth the time and potentially money spent, this store had everything from a solar powered owl that’s head moves back and forth to moustache band-aids to awesome lamps and purses to fun little vinal record looking coasters, featuring the number one hit from The Watermarks, “Keep it Clean”.  I recommend this little price gouger for a good laugh and cute finds.  Next, we stopped by a consignment store.  I have decided I will take a thrift store over a consignment shop any day.  But, it was something to chock up to experience.  We continued our journey and saw a homemade ice cream shop, an herbal place, a few photographers studios, some amp and even supply stores, etc.  We began to think we had our highlight at our first stop when we came across an awesome little shop.  The Wish List.

The Wish List was an antique shop/art gallery of sorts.  From the little girl skipping rope outside (not even meant as a marketing ploy, but she was supper cute, so it served an unintended purpose…unintended purpose, is that possible? Something to ponder).  Really, the items were amazing.  Hand made checker boards made from a picture frame to iconic pieces printed on antique Encyclopedia pages to vintage clothes.  Three rooms chock full of treasures that you wanted to explore, all arranged with an eclectic elegance.  The shops proprietor was friendly and you could see this shop was her passion.  I picked myself up a “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” on a Literary Illusions page and mom picked up a secret for dad.  Oh, it went perfectly with the fresh air and sunshine we had experienced all day.  If you are in Berry Hill or on Facebook, check out The Wish List!

Mom and I wrapped up our day with lunch at the Calypso Café.  Ok, let’s just quote Sid the Sloth “Yummo”.  The curry chicken and the nachos were my favorite, but it was all around good, I even like the greens and black beans (two things I normally am not all about).  And their salsa was a sweet smoky number that was really good.  They are located in Belle Mead as well, so, if you are in the mood for some Caribbean type food, stop by. Thus ended our excursion, but it was awesome.  Some places to try next time may include the shop where you make your own pancakes…all though, something just says that defeats the purpose.

Sunday, it was time for a Daddy Daughter Date as we call it.  So, we hopped on the motorcycle and away we went.  We stopped by the Timmons res and met a potential new member of the family…a black lab mix yet to be named (I vote for Bronte, but dad doesn’t think it’s feminine enough).  She is a sweet heart!  I’m not a huge pet person, but something inside me thawed almost instantly.  Dad thinks she is sweet, but dumb as a bag of rocks.  I say any dog that can recognize the futility of fetch after two times and can get the human to go after the ball is smarter than most.  After that, we cruised through the back woods and then down Charlotte into down town, up west end and back down 70S for home. Not an epic ride, but so nice.  It was just hitting dusk as we were riding Broadway and West End.

The only down side…my favorite necklace broke somewhere on the ride.  So, if anyone finds a decopodged domino that says “Time of Joy” on it, give me a holla J

Thus ends the chronicling of my first spring adventure in Nashville.  Next week (the past two days), the Flea Market and the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival).

Anyone else have stories from their weekend?




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Pride Opens the Door to ALL Sorts of Evil…Namely Crappy Coffee

Today began as a normal morning. Get up. Take shower. Lay back down ☺. Get up again. Get Ready. Drive to Work. Experience 70S morning traffic. Get to work. And all along the way, in my mind, I had been psyching up for Starbucks. I hadn’t decided yet…iced mocha with 1 pump vanilla…iced black tea, no water, unsweeted…iced chai latte…no, probably not the chai. Hurrying in, hoping to have enough time to make a jaunt down the escalator on my way into the building, I was brutally halted by a maintenance sign surrounding the top landing of the ascending escalator. Now, Starbucks was a floor below me and I could get to it just fine, but climbing the stairs or taking an alternate route other than the escalator back up could mean potential lateness on my part. So, in sadness, I tucked my small little dream of caffeinated goodness aside. Once at work, the routine resumed. Turn on lights, place papers, check kitchens, make coffee for myself in the handy one cup brew master (which normally is fine, but this morning, my Kona with 2 French vanilla creamers just tasted off…not fine by far…I have to use the word crappy to describe it) sit down and do nothing. Working the front desk has a fast lane and a shoulder of the road when it comes to busyness. There’s not much in-between.

Well, to my surprise, one of our Marketing Moguls comes by my desk 20 minutes later. As he’s heading out the door, he stops and looks at me. “Hey, I ‘m going to Starbucks—want anything?” I don’t know him all that well and I assume it was probably just a polite courtesy offer. Of course, being the well brought up child I am, I smile and respond politely with “No thank you, but thanks for the offer.” At this point, anyone would be expected to walk away. But Barry keeps looking at me. “Not a coffee person?” he queries, surprising me by further insistence. “Latte, black, iced?” I continue smiling, not allowing my internal anguish (pardon the dramatic effect) to show. How ironically unfair-my morning dream haunting me in the guise of a well meaning coworker. To be brave, I hold up my crappy coffee now made worse by the melted ice swimming inside it. “I already made some,” I offered by way of an excuse. He smiled, shrugged and was off to SB. No sooner had the glass door to the lobby swung shut as I watched him walk to the elevator and that still, small voice inside of me that loves to use word pictures to grow me clears his throat.


I was shocked.

“Holy Spirit, are you really confusing my being polite by not expecting someone to buy me something as pride?”

“No, I’m not mistaking it. It’s pride, plain and simple. And that pride right now is keeping your Father from being able to give you the desires of your heart.”

Conviction blossomed like a rose shown in time lapse photography (go ahead and add sun rising and setting and a chrysalis morphing into a butterfly for effect of this spiritual “ah ha” moment). Not guilt, but simple, honest realization that I don’t like letting people be the hands and feet of God in my life. With that, I also realized that if I allow pride to keep me from receiving a $4.00 coffee from a nice coworker, how much does it keep me from receiving in other situations: an awesome sermon or a talk with a friend, the realization of God’s love when I’m spending time with Him (that maybe ends up being more just reading my bible and allowing mental ascent to replace intimacy), not to mention those good works and gifts that the Lord has planned from the foundations of the earth, which take humility to obey and execute. It never ceases to amaze me how it seems pride is interwoven into my very being, no matter where I look. But I was grateful to see it today. It challenged me to truly humble myself and be open and obedient, which in the end made for an awesome time at work.

Anyone else relate? (I’m pretty sure I would be sitting back down with pride to assume I suffer something “uncommon to man”). And by relate, I mean the pride or God’s fun way of using seemingly insignificant things to bring us back in or really wanting Starbucks only to find the escalator out of service?



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Anonymity Allows You to Get it Done: It can be Exhausting being Clark Kent, but Imagine Trying to Grocery Shop as Superman

Revisiting our initial musing, can you imagine being Superman and being stuck at a desk all day.  When I envision Superman, decked out in his blue and red, cape blowing in an otherwise intangible wind, every hair perfectly in place with Lois Lane held delicately in the crook of his arm, Googling some lead on a story…I can’t even picture that.  The reason is simple…that would be stupid.  Why?  Because being a superhero pretty much guarantees the need of an alter ego. No way can you picture Batman comparing ties at Macy’s, getting ready for a big charity event or (for you Marvel fans), Spiderman snapping pictures of the inauguration of the new Mayor.  It’s doesn’t make sense, even in the world of crime fighting special people, and that is saying a lot, considering that suspension of reason is kind of necessary to buy into the world of Super Heroes.  This then raises the question, why deal with the normal life at all?  Why have a job?  Why gallivant around as a wealthy playboy, or getting back to the man of the hour, why report on news that isn’t news compared to the night you had last night?  To answer that, we have to take a look at Origins (haha, another Marvel reference—if you haven’t guessed now, I am a pretty big geek at heart).

Batman, Superman, Spiderman…they didn’t start out as <insert animal/impressive adjective here>man.  No, they started as Everyman.  Clark, Bruce, Peter.  Clark Kent may have been born with the innate ability to be a hero, but if he had known that from the beginning, it would be sad times for Tom Whelling and the cast of Smallville, because there would be no story.  If Bruce Wayne had always had a knack for building cool gadgets that could be stowed in ridiculously small spaces and an affinity for dwelling in his despair and vengeance driven mindset as a child, society would have had him in therapy or juvie quicker than that Bat Signal switch could be flipped….really, those tendency’s in a kid would be considered disturbing (and yet somehow, in an adult, they garner our appreciation and hero worship…huh J).  Let’s not even get started with Peter Parker, poor kid in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong radio active arachnid and Bob’s your uncle, we’ve got a successful franchise that offers hope to average people who believe it will take a miracle for their lives to make a difference or count in the scheme of eternity.  The point is, before the hero was, the man was. Those men had lives already in motion, no mater how every day, alone or mundane they may have been.  In reality, the Destiny they discovered, sought or fell into wasn’t who they were and isn’t who they are.  Once Clark Kent discovered he could start fires with his eyes or blow hurricane force winds, how do you think Mr. and Mrs. Kent would have felt if there little boy just up and disappeared.  Sure, he might have known he was pursuing his destiny, but imagine Martha Kent, putting up signs in stores “Have you seen this boy”?  Or his father, on the phone daily with the police, wondering why they aren’t able to find a normal kid in a town like Smallville?  Even as a young Clark Kent discovered there was more to him, there were still lives connected to his own.  Destiny is not a destroyer, it’s a discoverer.  Looking at it biblically for a moment, even Mary freaked out when Jesus made a detour for bible study at the temple.  His response “Didn’t you know I would be in my Father’s House?”  However, after Mary goes Mama Bear, it says Jesus was obedient and grew in wisdom and stature with God and men.  Even the Son of God did not play the “Hey, I have a destiny I’m trying to step into” card.  If you stepping into your destiny causes you to step over and on everyone around you, chances are you may find yourself in the same boat as Peter Parker using his new found abilities to make some quick cash wrestling…and we know how that turned out (if you don’t, go watch Spider Man).  With great power (destiny) comes great responsibility.

Our destiny will always boil down to one thing…Glorifying God.  And if God doesn’t step all over people, play the “God” card so people get out of his way or compromise who he is to make your part in glorifying him happen, chances are, you aren’t supposed to either. Just like Clark Kent had a season of self discovery and decision, our destiny doesn’t follow destruction, it follows the construction of character and the revelation of God.

Some things can only be accomplished as the man, not the hero.  God didn’t come with fire and brimstone to activate the plan of redemption.  There is order in the universe that we cannot hope to understand in the natural, but you can’t have Extraordinary without the Ordinary, and cliché as it is, you can’t have Supernatural without Natural.  A new picture, Superman at Albertsons, Winco or Kroger, his cape being wheeled over by some grandma on the ride-a-cart (probably the same one he helped cross the street).  Half the people in the store steer clear, intimidated that the Man of Steal is comparing values by ounce while the other half mob him for his autograph.  And we get stressed making our way through a crowd nameless and faceless.  Or imagine trying to take Lois out for a nice dinner, talk about Paparazzi!  Destiny and purpose are not lost because we are ordinary people.  Anonymity allows us the opportunity to serve without drama getting in the way.  Destiny is never about making a name for ourselves, but about making God’s name great, to the point that ours is forgotten.

So, back to the alter ego…and we’ll let this serve as a segue into the next installation, just like there are some things you can only do as a man/woman (grocery shopping, work, wooing (hint: never try and woo by “name dropping” your destiny/calling/gifting…too much time spent tooting your own horn will just be white noise)etc.), some things can only be done as the Caped Crusader (sorry to mix my heros/titles).  Next Time: How do you Fly in the Gifting and Calling Connected to your Life Surrounded by Every Day Average Joes?  Same Bat Time….you get the picture.

ConvoKey: Are there any times you have asserted calling before God’s Glory?  Or been content to be Clark Kent when someone was screaming for Superman?  I have…let’s discuss.



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Mild Mannered or Well Mannered? Clark Kent: Wielding Destiny with Decorum One Day at a Time (Series)

Can you imagine being Superman and having to work a desk job every day?  I mean really, Man of Steel, faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and with the evolution of the comic, able to fly around the world at a speed that effects time; and you are stuck. 

All day, stuck staring at an HP (maybe a Mac, if you’re lucky), just looking for opportunities to sneak off and save a baby in a burning building, a window washer hanging from his scaffolding or an old lady crossing the street.

Here you are, with all of this raw power, all of these special talents/gifts that no one else has, the destiny to fulfill, the strength, the stamina and the rare ability to wear spandex and not look like a dweeb; and you’re stuck.

That would be the epitome of Stink. 

 At least I think so.  All too often, those who have destiny swirling on the inside, those who are “gifted” to achieve greatness, are tethered to an office or cemented into desk seats as they run reports, answer phones, or even at the earliest phase of life, learn facts they will “never use”…(Side note: don’t assume you won’t use it, knowing the periodic table was imperative knowledge on this week’s episode of the Amazing Race-you never really know what you’ll use until you need to use it). 

If it is frustrating for humans with a calling or gifting, just imagine how it must be for Clark Kent.  You know you’re called to bring the Gospel to the Nations or to lead worship and usher thousands into the presence of God or to be a mom and lovingly raise the leader of the next Great Awakening.  Those things are all well and good, but come on, this is Superman we are talking about here. 

Well, not really.  I’ll be upfront from the get go, this is a metaphor so to speak, an opportunity to look at a situation from which we are directly removed, and yet still able to draw surprising parallels in our own life.  So, when I am in fact talking about CK or SM, it’s really about you and me, ok?  Good.

I have had this word picture mulling around on the inside of me for some time now.  At first, I anticipated it being a one post wonder, crafting an extremely well written, or at least a mediocre piece in which examination of the Man of Steal might serve as a means of encouragement to potential, the gifting and the callings on each and every individual who by some random click of the mouse found themselves with this humble blog before their eyes.  But for once in my life, I actually began to storyboard/brainstorm the flow of said post, only to realize that this was not something that could be easily contained in single installment.  So, drum roll please………….I will be undertaking a series, so to speak.  Let’s look at it as cutting up the topic into nice bite size, manageable pieces, so no one loses interest (me included…I know, that’s just sad), and so the message of mediocre is adequately vanquished with as little civilian causalities as possible.

So, whether you are in the Smallville stage, just starting in life, unable to be recognized for who you are because of trademark issues or you are on the verge of shutting yourself off emotionally to the world around you because caring or having passion have only gotten in the way, this blog is for you.  Or maybe you’re like me, feeling like the upstart reporter who is constantly biting off more than she can chew, forever on the outskirts while still finding yourself in the middle of the chaos surrounding a hero in the making; this is still for you.  Maybe we didn’t arrive on the scene of our existence via a meteor crash as we escaped the destruction of our kindred, but there is still a vital part to be played and it can only be played by you.

Now that you’ve got the game plan, grab your spandex and cape (or skinny jeans and bath towel for those less advanced superheroes) and Super Suite Up. I know anyone who has followed this geeky discourse loves teasers, so here you go-Next Time: Anonymity Allows You to Get it Done: It Can Be Exhausting Being Clark Kent, but Imagine Trying to Grocery Shop as Superman.

ConvoKey: Have you ever felt there was something more to you?  What burns on the inside of you?  What stage of your journey to “herohood” are you at?  Do you ever feel chained to the desk?  How do you deal?

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