First Adventure of the Spring

Note: Wrote this last week and never posted it, so it’s a week late, but it was still fun!

Spring is finally here!!!!!  As interesting as it was to live somewhere where it snows (can’t lie, wasn’t expecting Nashville to be that state.  Illinois or Ohio, sure, but Tenseness?), but I am a Cali girl at heart and I was a little tired of getting weird looks wearing flip flops to Kroger’s while it flurried outside.  But, this post isn’t about winter, it’s about Spring!!!

When I first moved here, the catch phrase that seemed to resound from all my fellow California transplants was “Wait until Spring—it’s beautiful”  And true to their words, life has been burst at the proverbial seams.  The trees are all in bloom, both with flowers and leaves, the weather has gotten warm enough for jaunts with dad on the motorcycle (more on that later) and all in all, it just makes me want to live in sun dresses and flip flops and read outside all day…Until it rains, but with every give, there is some take.

This past weekend, Mom and I were randomly taken with the idea of hitting the yard sales.  Friday night, we decided let’s go dig through other peoples junk until we find something awesome!  So, Saturday morning hits, we jump on Craigslist and jot down some locals to visit.  Once in the car, armed with our $1 drinks from McD’s, we embark.  Upon arriving at our first location, we discovered they must have had awesome junk, because they were already gone.  Second stop…gone.  Driving around, we only saw one or two unadvertised shindigs capitalizing on baby clothes and grandmotherly decorations.  Saddened, we determined all the true sales must have been raptured, because really, we weren’t seeing anything. Did I mention this was all in a 30 minute time frame (our town isn’t very big and neither of us really know our way around).  Well, as we were reduced to driving aimlessly around the backwoods of Bellevue, a friend called and gave us “directions” to a quaint little neighborhood of shops known as Berry Hill (we think it is actually a town snuggled in another town).

In that moment, we decided “Let’s do it!” It didn’t matter that we had no clue where we were going and in the long run, our directions were missing some important turns, but long story short, we made it to Berry Hill.  It was a breath of Santa Cruz air nestled in the heart of whatever bigger town Berry Hill is in.

Our journey started at the Curious Heart—we laughed and laughed…talk about pricy novelty that is worth the time and potentially money spent, this store had everything from a solar powered owl that’s head moves back and forth to moustache band-aids to awesome lamps and purses to fun little vinal record looking coasters, featuring the number one hit from The Watermarks, “Keep it Clean”.  I recommend this little price gouger for a good laugh and cute finds.  Next, we stopped by a consignment store.  I have decided I will take a thrift store over a consignment shop any day.  But, it was something to chock up to experience.  We continued our journey and saw a homemade ice cream shop, an herbal place, a few photographers studios, some amp and even supply stores, etc.  We began to think we had our highlight at our first stop when we came across an awesome little shop.  The Wish List.

The Wish List was an antique shop/art gallery of sorts.  From the little girl skipping rope outside (not even meant as a marketing ploy, but she was supper cute, so it served an unintended purpose…unintended purpose, is that possible? Something to ponder).  Really, the items were amazing.  Hand made checker boards made from a picture frame to iconic pieces printed on antique Encyclopedia pages to vintage clothes.  Three rooms chock full of treasures that you wanted to explore, all arranged with an eclectic elegance.  The shops proprietor was friendly and you could see this shop was her passion.  I picked myself up a “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” on a Literary Illusions page and mom picked up a secret for dad.  Oh, it went perfectly with the fresh air and sunshine we had experienced all day.  If you are in Berry Hill or on Facebook, check out The Wish List!

Mom and I wrapped up our day with lunch at the Calypso Café.  Ok, let’s just quote Sid the Sloth “Yummo”.  The curry chicken and the nachos were my favorite, but it was all around good, I even like the greens and black beans (two things I normally am not all about).  And their salsa was a sweet smoky number that was really good.  They are located in Belle Mead as well, so, if you are in the mood for some Caribbean type food, stop by. Thus ended our excursion, but it was awesome.  Some places to try next time may include the shop where you make your own pancakes…all though, something just says that defeats the purpose.

Sunday, it was time for a Daddy Daughter Date as we call it.  So, we hopped on the motorcycle and away we went.  We stopped by the Timmons res and met a potential new member of the family…a black lab mix yet to be named (I vote for Bronte, but dad doesn’t think it’s feminine enough).  She is a sweet heart!  I’m not a huge pet person, but something inside me thawed almost instantly.  Dad thinks she is sweet, but dumb as a bag of rocks.  I say any dog that can recognize the futility of fetch after two times and can get the human to go after the ball is smarter than most.  After that, we cruised through the back woods and then down Charlotte into down town, up west end and back down 70S for home. Not an epic ride, but so nice.  It was just hitting dusk as we were riding Broadway and West End.

The only down side…my favorite necklace broke somewhere on the ride.  So, if anyone finds a decopodged domino that says “Time of Joy” on it, give me a holla J

Thus ends the chronicling of my first spring adventure in Nashville.  Next week (the past two days), the Flea Market and the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival).

Anyone else have stories from their weekend?





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2 responses to “First Adventure of the Spring

  1. Andrew Hall

    Quite an exciting weekend I must say….I worked….then got off at 1:30 am….then went to church…then left right after church and went back to work…..your’s was so much better….

    • You my friend, are pretty cool. The Hall clan is pretty great, what with all that hard work and dedication. But you can play drums, and I can’t, thus your weekend had it’s perks 🙂

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