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The Dirt on Jesus: What Many Christians Just Aren’t Telling You

For every figure in the public eye, there is bound to be controversy, intrigue and differing opinions.  It’s all part and parcel of the lime light.  With notoriety comes notorious stories and with fanfare comes fanatic retellings, all too often slanted by the political party, religious camp, racial background or demographic relevance of the reporter.  Whether it is a smear campaign or a ticker tape parade, you walk away indoctrinated by the angle from which the article was written. 

From the get go, I feel it only fair to warn you in advance, because as I write today’s conversation, I do so with the sole purpose of exposing the dirt on Jesus Christ, because people have a right to know who it is they are being asked to follow.  The public deserves the truth when it comes to the most famous man in History, and honestly, a lot of people just aren’t telling it.  So here it is, Jesus Christ: Exposed.

Many depictions provided by organized Church throughout history try and paint a meek to the point of weak, pious to the point of being otherworldly and lovingly laid back to the point of being lethargic Jesus.  Constantly depicted in paintings with eyes lifted longingly upward, face gaunt for who knows what reason, and somehow sporting blue eyes and sandy colored hair, regardless of Hebrew decent and his middle eastern residence.  Where are the fact checkers?!  I wonder how Jesus feels about having such an amazing PR department, running press releases padded with fluff at every turn, while another department is issuing frightening turn or burn propaganda and distributing it via mainstream and grass roots movements?

And no one is talking about the dirt!  That’s what the people want right?  The nitty gritty, not so pretty, presented in a raucously witty prose, hopefully with an awesomely catchy logo like TMZ or via raw performance, just a step or two below Charlie Sheen. 

So here it is:

Headline: Jesus: Mild or Wild?
-Throws fit and trashes church
-Faceoff in the Graveyard

Headline: Jesus: Pious Priest or Party Animal?
-Bringing the booz
-Sighting: Out to lunch with the Mafia

Headline: Jesus: A fan of lose women?
-Jesus Groupies!
– Photos of Jesus with town whore
-Sighted speaking to prostitute after church meeting

Seriously, Extra could host a standing segment with all of the fodder this Divine Royal provides.  Eat your heart out Lindsay Lohan.

But these headlines don’t expose the truth of the dirt.  They all boil down to the exact same thing.  Check out the front page again, but read the subtext: 

Headline: Jesus: Mild or Wild?
-Throws fit and trashes church (Mark 11:15-18)
Fat Cats use religion to rip off the average Joe, Jesus says No!
-Faceoff in the Graveyard (Luke 8:26-35)
Man runs amok for years, Jesus set’s him straight.

Headline: Jesus: Pious Priest or Party Animal?
-Bringing the booz (John 2:1-11)
Poor planning almost ruins wedding, Jesus saves the day!
-Out to lunch with the Mafia? (Mark 2:15-17)
Extortion runs rampant, Jesus reaches out.

Headline: Jesus: A fan of lose women?
-Jesus Groupies! (Luke 8:1-3)
Greatful girls follow and cook; no way 13 guys could make it alone!
– Photos of Jesus with town whore (John 4:2-29)
Refusing to be limited by racial stigma’s, Jesus breaches protocol and offers help and hope to a down and out. 
-Sighted speaking to prostitute after church meeting (John 8:1-11)
Riot Averted: He doesn’t just calm storms folks, he calms unnecessary hate too!

You see, when you get down to it, Jesus wasn’t without dirt that tarnishes the reputation of the movers and shakers of any day.  The difference is, His dirt was the dust he picked up helping someone else out of it.  He was the pure and sacrificial lamb, but when he hung on a cross, he wasn’t spotless anymore; he was covered in our mess, our drama; the things in our lives that spurn gossip and keep tabloids in business.  He didn’t avoid the leprous man, he embraced him.  He didn’t give orders for his entourage to keep grubby street kids at bay when they came swarming for his autograph; rather he put them in their place and made the day of those babies that most of us turn the channel on when the commercial pops up.

So, before you buy into the saintly picture of a bearded man and a halo, to holy to be bothered or the bad-a** who is going to “fry sinners in one hell of a bar-b-que pit” image, remember you heard it here, the real dirt on Jesus.  My dirt was his dirt.



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All kinds of Awesome (not to be confused with the Awesome that is God) completely secondary…

So, today we celebrate complete awesomeness….We remember how Jesus died and rose again for us.  You can’t beat that!

In celebration, (and really because I want an excuse to post it), here is a lesser form of awesomeness…


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Learning About Love First Hand/Living an Engaged Life

I have heard it said that partial obedience is still disobedience.  What about delayed obedience?  A few years (well, around 5 or 6 to be closer to exact…I guess that would actually be several)…Several years back, there was a point in time where God was stirring a very specific message in my heart.  This was my first adult attempt at writing a book.  But it was sooooo much more than that.  Throughout life, I believe we come in contact with concepts that are divinely inspired and serve as a sort of marker in our life.  For some, it is a calling-“Thou shalt be a missionary”.  For some, it’s an experience that marks their life, a testimony of sorts-“I was dying of cancer and God healed me” “I was addicted to _____ and God delivered me.”  In essence, it’s the message we are given, the piece of the puzzle we are called to live to reflect an aspect of who God is.  It’s our angle of the mirror by which we reflect that aspect, so God can be seen for who he is. 

With my personal “life message”, if you will, I embraced it with excitement.  I can remember the Holy Spirit, as always, confronting a bad attitude in my heart that gave birth to a word picture I have not been able to escape.  Live an Engaged Life.  A short back-story includes a roommate at the time who was engaged.  At 22, I was a bit annoyed at how every little thing had to do with her wedding.  Heck, half the time she couldn’t come and have a coffee with our other roommate and myself because she was so focused on saving for the wedding.  One day, I can remember hearing Holy Spirit challenge me in that still small voice “She’s living on purpose with a goal.”  This revelation was followed by the unfolding picture that once we are saved, we are in a period of being engaged and everything is in preparation for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.  From that moment on, I watched with interest at how my roommate lived, made choices, and was amazed at the parallels that could be drawn.  It became clear that no matter what I did in life, this was what my life needed to reflect and point back to.

The first part of living a life message is just that…living it.  You have to experience it before you pass it on.  I could go on and on for days about how God delivers from addictions, but if I’ve never been addicted, it doesn’t carry quite the same clout or provide the same impact.  Well, I wrote with fury, exploring, learning, eating it up….for a month or two.  Then I settled into what I can now recognized as a self-deceived “time of reflection”, convinced I was meditating on this new revelation, rather than living it and learning by walking it out.  So, there in my computer, it began to gather figurative dust.  Fast forward a little while, and I received it a new, with a since of purpose and urgency.  I begin studying, writing, listening again.  I even went so far as to get a reminder permanently etched into my skin (which I do not regret, because it has become the accountability I may have at times ignored, but have been unable to escape).    But again, somewhere along the way, I let that message fall by the wayside.   After tracing it back, I can see that I bought into a lie. 

You see, the message planted inside to be lived outwardly was one I felt beyond unqualified to communicate.  I had never been in love or been engaged, or even been in what I would consider a serious relationship (a boyfriend senior year just doesn’t cut it).  I’d never really had a relationship that in anyway defined my life, outside of my family, which isn’t the same.  I can remember questioning God, wondering how I could hope to write something, how could I draw an accurate parallel on a subject I had no understanding of?  So, I made a bad call…and again, let my part of the mirror get streaked and smeared with my own fingerprints.  Rather than cleaning the clouded surface, I did what any eight year old does when told to clean the room.  I covered the mess and pretended it wasn’t there.  But it’s come up again, and I can acknowledge where I missed it.  I used a weak human cop-out to try and escape one of the greatest invitations I will ever receive…The invitation to learn a persistent, committed, focused, life altering love from the Author of Love.  I was waiting for a human experience to provide credibility, while all the while I could have been sitting at the feet of the Master, the Supreme Authority on the subject, learning first hand from His tutoring, His instruction, His example.  

It was easier (as in, it took less effort on my part) to let a human experience define my understanding, rather than letting divine revelation set my course and someday provide the standard for the human reflection.  To put it simply, I was hoping to take a class at Sips and Strokes, learning to copy a copy, rather than getting the one on one study with Waterhouse or Michelangelo, the originators of the masterpiece. 

So, now that’s I’ve stolen a page out of Jean Val Jean’s book and written out my confession, don’t be surprised if bits and pieces of this renewed exploration pop up here every once in a while.  Living an Engaged Life-on purpose and with a clear goal…

As always, the part where my personal reflection becomes the hot-potato challenge: Is there something you have been settling with the paint by numbers version of when you could be learning it from the Artist in Residence?  Or is there something that has stirred in you, but you have discounted yourself as a suitable medium, fearing yourself unqualified?  Feel free to share-only five or so people read this, so it’s a safe place :).


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Coffee: Possibly the Greatest Medium for Life Meditations

So, it’s is extremely slow today and I find myself seeking some sort of amusement.  Of course, this would also be the day that nothing strikes me as note-worthy, witty or relevant.  So, as I sit at my desk, attempting not to lament that I am board, thereby regressing to the 7th grade me who had just finished a great book and had yet to get any new stock from the library, and seeing as other kids are still in school at 1 pm on Thursday…you get the picture.  Instead, I shall remain 26 and seek to otherwise entertain my mind in a more productive manner.

This more productive manner brings me to deep mediation on coffee.  That’s right, coffee.  Actually, I was pouring some coffee out of my pretty traveler over ice and an extremely random thought, cheesy though it was, ran through my mind, daring me to follow.  The thought process went something like this:

Mummmmm, I really like this Cinnabun creamer….cinnamon and coffee are an awesome combo…..

Does the fact that I take creamer in my coffee make me less of a coffee fan?

Isn’t it neat how when you add different creamer to the same coffee you always drink, it’s like something new, a dynamic duo so to speak…

I wonder if that’s kind of how marriage is.  Coffee is good on its own, but add a little creamer and there’s a new depth of flavor.  Wow, and coffee and creamer work so good together, as long as each is taken into consideration while mixing and one doesn’t over power the other.  Both are good alone, but together they are great.

(Side note: Thank you for getting marriage on the brain :). If you would like to read some awesome dialog regarding Christians, divorce, dating and sundry other topics, check it out!)

Did I really just turn coffee into a word picture…I need something to do.

Which then caused me to start thinking in earnest about how many word pictures can be derived from this elixir?  I mean really, you can probably use some kind of coffee metaphor for just about any situation…right down to hot or cold, but not lukewarm.  So many opportunities.

So, I’m taking this moment to say thank you God for gracing someone with the ingenuity to grab a bean, roast it, grind it, boil and steep it and then thank you for whoever was crazy enough to try it the first time, because it has given us as a culture great physical and mental enjoyment.

(Sorry this is so lame, I just really have nothing going on at the moment)

Wrapping it up, what is the best metaphor/word picture you can create using coffee or something related?  What is the biggest stretch?  Want to help me stave off the onset of a mental coma? Challenge me-what is something you don’t think can be depicted using a coffeeolgy?  (That’s right, it’s the new science of Life as depicted in coffee).

Update: As of writing this, I now have a project and should no longer be staring into the abyss of another 4 hours with nothing to do.  I still want to hear from you though. 



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Take a Chance on Me (Anyone else hear ABBA calling?)

Whether you are a Mama Mia fan or just like the catchy tune, ABBA’s song, “Take a Chance on Me” is the theme song for today’s blog (click here to listen on youtube). 

Everyone begins their accent into adulthood in different ways.  For some, they are thrust into it at a very young age, faced with trials and tribulations, circumstances and attacks that steal their childhood.  Some are lured into it, given a helpful foot up; be it student loans, credit card applications that get you a free lunch, or a well meaning friend that suggests striking out in life together; only to be kicked in the face when the bill comes.  Some are gradually introduced, one foot in front of the other down the path to adulthood…baby stepping into the elevator so to speak.  And still some experience the transition like an obstacle course in boot camp, starting out with general enthusiasm, glad for the chance to make a difference, to make something of themselves, to join the ranks of those who have gone before them.  Their running along at a steady pace and then *BAM*, there’s a freakin’ wall and it seems like they’ll never get over it.

After moving to Nashville, securing a great job in West End, I am in a position to begin making investments in life.  It’s been a while, but I finally feel like I am making my way onto the adult interstate.  Looking at getting a laptop (Macbook Pro, so I can write and design/edit) and a Scooter (to be economic, eco friendly, and just plain cool on something with two wheels).  I begin to think to myself…I should start building credit, as I am looking to get a place of my own soon, now that I am financially independent.  Maybe I should get a credit card, so I have something in my name.  So, I apply and low and behold, I can’t get approved for the life of me.  I have a steady job, a strong income to expense ratio, I always pay my bills, on time or early, no student loans, I have nothing outstanding anywhere on my credit history and I have a paid off car loan and I can’t even get approved for a $300 credit limit through my bank.  I’m the safest risk they will ever take and I don’t qualify.  My brother got his first card as a college student with no job when he filled out an application to get a free lunch.  What the heck? 

So, needless to say, I was a little annoyed and even more perplexed.  I’m not looking to apply so I can live beyond my means, but for the sole purpose of building credit, should someday in the future, I want to buy a house or I don’t know, other really grown up stuff that requires a credit history.  Being overly analytical and  slightly given to narcissistic moments when I am annoyed, I found myself then looking back through life and wondering why it always seems that I am a safe investment that will yield awesome returns, but I get overlooked?  I mean, in high school, being the “smart Christian” girl, the dating line was not long, but I would have made a great girlfriend….minus the fact that my dad is into guns…J  Or when playing soccer!  Again, smart Christian, Homeschooled stereotype apparently discredits an ability to play soccer, but I am actually a decent half-back/defensive player (Well, I was.  As an adult, I have learned that injuries can happen in sports, and I have a weird fear of hurting people, needless to say, I am not as aggressive).  But more often than not, no one passed on the pick-up soccer game memo my way?  Ok, these are poor parallels, but the good news is, this isn’t the point yet. 

So, as I mulled over being a Safe Risk no one was willing to take (yes, I was being dramatic for…about… the 5 minutes it took for this thought process to be completed), it hit me.  I treat God like that.  Even though he has a perfect track record, spotless integrity, and a litany of times he has come through to his credit; so many times, I try to do it on my own first, place expectations on other people to see things get done or I just don’t bother attempting things because they don’t seem feasible.  All the while, God is there, potentially thinking the same thing-“I’m the safest risk you will ever take, why won’t you pick me”.  With him, the only risk is the initial step. 

Like with Michael J Fox in Back to the Future 2, when he jumps off the top of the building to escape ATL (Alternate Time Line) Present Biff and Doc is there with the Delorean, ready to make the getaway.  No way was Doc going to miss, no way was Marty going to knock the time machine out of the air with the impact of his landing.  But still, jumping off a roof will seem risky in any situation.

So, I hope you are still playing “Take a Chance on Me”, because that is the challenge today, issued first to myself, then to the, what, three of you that read this…Let’s take a Chance on Abba, on our Daddy, who  has big plans, good gifts, and a flawless track record.  Trust him enough to stake a claim and make an investment.  Maybe it’s with your future, or maybe it’s with obeying him in something.  Maybe it’s with that secret dream you don’t want to bring up because maybe it’s “not his will” or you’re afraid of having to give it up.  Because it’s in his presence that the fullness of all those things we would otherwise seek is found.

Convo Key: Is there a situation you are looking at that seems “too risky”?  Has there been a time that you’ve withheld your emotional/trust investment in God? Which track were you on “growing up” into adult hood?  Anyone like me and feel they are on a service road that runs parallel? 


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Take the pebble Grasshopper…

So, I wish I could promise today would be a witty discourse on some deeper truth to be perceived through a unique medium, but I fear such a vow would only fall short.  Today’s musings come from this past weekend.

Saturday was a very special day…my best friend aka my Mom’s birthday.  Now, through chance and happenstance, we found ourselves debating on what to do to celebrate.  If you don’t know my mother, (too bad, you’re really missing out), one thing you should know is that she is satisfied by very simple things and when asked how she would like to spend the day, she decided we should go to the Bellevue Antique Mall and Hobby Lobby.  That’s right, my mother loves craftiness, decor and such.  So, mom, dad and I hopped in the truck and were off.  After a quick jaunt to Firehouse Subs, we were on the road.  Quickly sidetracked however, as my entire family suffers from OSS (Ohhhh, Shiny… Sydrom), we stopped by a real life, honest to goodness church rummage sale (the church shall remain nameless).

Mom found some books she was excited about, I found this ironic photo opp…

Dad just missed getting a book shelf.

So, $.75 later, we were back in the car, heading for the antique mall.  Such a fun stop.  I almost bought a print of a French add for Motocycles (yes, moto) with a Victorian woman on a sweet Victorian motor bike.  But, there were geese in the forefront and I couldn’t justify the price for something containing geese.  Mom and I laughed over a great post card, a nice black and white of an open air market in Algeria from 1943.  It was awesome because of the post script “Sorry, I accidently typed with post card upside down”.  It’s amazing how the smallest thing can really trickle through time as a legacy and brighten up someone’s day 70 years later.

Back in the car and we were on the way to Franklin for the main event.  Hobby Lobby.  We meandered, we laughed, we examined roosters and contemplated how they have invaded all décor (they are like geese in my mind, spoiling perfectly awesome decorations).  Well, I decided to wander off and give mom and dad some chill time.  I found myself drawn to the painting section.  Now, I am a person of many impulses, but luckily have an analytical nature to offset it.  I had always been drawn to painting, but never put the value on it to purchase supplies or invest the time to take a class.  But lately, the creative vein has been pumping.  Standing in this foreign aisle, I toyed with the idea of purchasing some acrylics and giving it a go.  My reason meter was piping up and I was about to walk away when I overheard the following conversation.

Enter a young couple, about my age.  The man is looking at an acrylic basics sheet as the woman picks up and compares paint.

“You’ll need at least 7 basic colors, but they only sell packs of six or eight?”  his confused tone was slightly irritated.

“You don’t like this do you?  What do you think?” she inquired, looking at him, hoping she was wrong.

“I think it’s going to be an expensive mess,” he offered honestly, yet with no hint of rudeness.

“Well, I’m just trying to test it out to see if I like it”

“I just wish you would take a class or something instead”

“But that would be expensive too”

At this point, I tried to tune them out, feeling like an eavesdropper, no matter how unintentional it may have been.  However, something inside me snapped at that moment.  I don’t want that to be me in who knows how many years.  If there was ever a time to be impulsive and try out new things, this is it.  I think so many times, singles can look at this period as a time of waiting for life to start.  I have fallen into that pit once or twice.  And while there are awesome things that will only follow relationships (we all know the childhood taunt “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes <insert name> with a baby carriage”), but that season, once embarked on, will provided a whole lot more pros and cons to be weighed, and from an outside prospective, all too often, they cause the scale to tip on the safe side.

So, once my little mind processed this and chewed on it for a few minutes, I was like “Shoot,” and started grabbing paints and brushes and canvas and even an easel.  My mom laughed at the impulse, but as always, was supportive.  So, flash forward to Sunday and here is my first piece…ummm, let me preface with I haven’t taken a class ever and for the sake of not over thinking something for once, I probably won’t.

Well, wrapping up the day, dad snuck in a stop for himself…the Honda Motorcycle dealership.  He’s threatening to sell his bike, which then led to a 45 minute stop while I weighed the choice between a little 250 rebel (so pretty….check it out)

Or an 80cc scooter.  So, if you want to weigh in on the debate/decision, I love feedback.  Do I go for the Rebel that I will probably outgrow (power wise) pretty quickly?  Or, do I go for the more economic option of a scooter?  Still lower on power, but it’s a different animal all together.  Either way, this weekend or next, I’m finally taking my BCR class and will get my own license to ride.  After 26 years (give or take, pretty sure I didn’t ride as an infant) of being on the back of dads bike, I can ride my own.

So, summing up this post, which may just seem like a play by play of an average weekend, my parting thought centers on this.  Why do we sit by and wait for life to happen?  I don’t want to be in my 50’s and 60’s wishing I would have or regretting I didn’t.  In the book Wild at Heart by John Eldridge, John paints a picture of how God is an adventurous God.  We weren’t created to be a passive people.  The fall birthed that.  I think sometimes, we can get the picture that God is like a wise kung fu master, sitting with a rock and telling us to take the pebble, challenging us to Carpe Diem, while all the while; he pulls it back from us at the last second.  But that’s just not so.  We were created to be co-adventurers and life shares with the King of the Universe.  Personally, fear is the only thing that keeps me from embracing adventure.  And fear keeps us out of the place of presence (thank you Heidi Baker!).  And in the Presence in the fullness of all things.  So, no more…down with fear and let life be lived!

What have you been holding back on or passing up out of fear or over thinking?

Are there things you wish you would have done?  What kept you from it?

Also, scooter or bike?



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Alien Nation or Alienation? Wielding Relationships Wisely

I’ve got to get away, I’ve got to fly away (yeeeahhh).  What I wouldn’t give sometimes for a Fortress of Solitude.  Good job to SuperDad (Jor’L) for thinking ahead.  What insight, what forethought, what faith!  It can be a lot, caring the weight of something more than every day, so having a place to regroup was just the parting gift Kal’El would appreciate.  Except the Fortress of Solitude, in surprising contrast to its christened title, was often the place Kal’El was pestered the most.  By his departed father.  In theory, a quiet retreat could be just what the Hero ordered, but in amazing foresight, Jor’L prepared a place of training, a place of answers, a place of identification in a world that could not define his son.  Many times, as man or as hero, as destined for greatness individual or as every day pavement walker, we long for an opportunity to pull away from the crowd.   I’m guessing in all his years of Super Service, Superman may have missed the mark a time or two.  Too many altercations at once, choose between the woman you love and this plane full of people.

Destiny can be a heavy load to carry, especially if you miss an opportunity.  Chances are every time Clark was reporting on a robbery or a murder, a missing child or a bomb scare gone awry, guilt would sneak in.  If only I’d been faster, if only I’d been available, if only I had gotten up when I said I was going to to go work out (ouch), if only I had talked to that person when I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit (knife in my heart).  Amazing how easily that transitions.  And in moments when we have come up short of an opportunity or an expectation, it’s only natural to want to pull away. Especially from those who know us, who read us, who see through us.  Even from the one who commissioned us with the Destiny we are now beat down by.

But surprisingly, Jor’L seemed to know that being alone in those times of failure, or withdrawing into himself to discover who we was and what he was meant to do, would not be high in the good things category.  Now, this is not to discount a time of seeking God for one’s self in anyway.  But a Destiny wielded out of our own strength is likely to alienate rather than connect us to anyone, especially God.  The more we try and Rock On from our own store, pulling away from the support and structure that has been provided, the more likely we are to either curl up and fade away or go rouge (Hello Superman with Red Kryptonite).

Just as the loving, if somewhat distant, Alien father prepared a safe place of wisdom and support for his son, so our Father, who is in no
way separated from us, has provided the same.  I’ve been greatly blessed to have the support of wisdom from loving parents, the comradiry of an amazing, anointed brother, the stability and truth of an awesome local body and the joy and adventure of great friends, not to mention the instruction and comfort of the Holy Spirit.  Maybe you don’t have every one of these, but I guarantee God has not left you alone.  It’s one of the oldest tricks the enemy uses, getting us to back down into voluntary sequestration, where we are alone with our arch nemesis, the flesh nature. Relationships can be one of the greatest tools we have.  Even Proverbs talks about the wisdom of traveling together, “if one falls, the other is able to help him up”.  But if we buy into a burden that isn’t even ours to carry and run off into hiding, we’ll never be able to reach our fullest potential.  Can someone say Justice League?  Superman is awesome, but a Super League is able to multiply impact exponentially as opposed to one man on his own.

Every Superhero has allies (Alfred, Aunt May, the X-men practically have a commune going on), and often, those leagues of allies will even span syndication and make for awesome spin-off story lines.  But the strength of allies will only be as great as the vulnerability they share.  Imagine if Clark and Ollie had no idea the other had a bad habit of insuring justice in the wee morning hours.  They would be tripping over each other, and could even potentially wind up facing off as enemies, infringing on each others turf.  Where vulnerability is, competition can’t live.  Why?  Because vulnerability requires trust and trust isn’t out for itself, it’s partnered and connected, come hell or high water.  And don’t get me started on how a power endowed individual trying to go it alone for the sake of “protecting” their loved ones makes absolutely no sense.  (Check out how it should have ended, Spider Man 3).

You aren’t as covert as you think you are and the enemy is not stupid-alienating people and keeping them at arms length is the surest way to make them a target, because YOU AREN’T AROUND!  No wonder MJ leave Peter for someone who will let her in. (Side Bar, if you please: This is not license to go gallivanting around with someone just because they “support” you or love you.  Be Spirit led, and follow the wise guidelines such as equity in yoking, etc.) Which leads me to the final thought for wielding relationships wisely-skip the love triangles, because those are only for ratings, not serious Super heroes.  Relationships are meant to be a source of strength for those involved, not an avenue for contention and unrest.
Drama should never be the adjective that best describes your love life.  Get out of the Creek and leave gossip to girls on the CW.
Trite distractions and passing attractions will not be the foundation for a life that impacts eternity.  Selling out for ratings is an
indicator of your perceived value.  If you have to dumb it down or sex it up to create buy in, it’s probably time to take the concept back to
the drawing board and work on the plot.  After all, plot builds character.

So, let’s take a page out of our Super Studs book and go against “our better judgment” (there is a way that seems right to a man, but the
end is death) and let Destiny unfold in all it’s beautiful potential, lending Glory to an awesome God who created the community your life
was made to impact.

Next time: Being Human and Being Supernatural are not mutually exclusive (ask Jesus), but one side will lead.

Convo Keys: Has there been a time when you have allowed yourself to be alienated?  Why?  Why do we try and carry the heavy burden of destiny
on our own shoulders?  Any other rating boosters that aren’t worth the script there written on?

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