It has been my experience that the first sentence of an introductory paragraph is the hardest to write.  So, for the sake of expediting the process, I have sacrificed said introduction sentence and here we find ourselves.  My name is Lyssah.  I have recently relocated to Middle Tennessee from Central California.  It seems I am destined to be in the center of the mix.  Wow, bad pun.  Setting aside any more un-nessecery quips, the basics to meet the requirements of an ‘about me’ section.  Simply put, I enjoy life.  To read, to write, to see the world, to experience a great cup of coffee in a new place, to see the people around me step into their intended end in the grand plot currently being exicuted…these are the simple building blocks that provide the icing on the cake of my life.  Discovering God, desiring Him and Delighting in Him are the base. 

So, if you enjoy any of the aforementioned things, or are looking to expand your horizon’s, keep tabs on the journey.


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