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Throwback-Remember When TV Taught You Something

I know, long time no blog. Between travel, moving, school and insanity, it has been quite a while. The good news-Fog For Muses is back up and running and we’ve got some awesome guest blogs, reviews and all around adventures coming down the pipe-so stay tuned. But, as Robin Goodfellow sought to make amends, so I too, have a treat for you. I was in Florida with the wonderful Christian Enright a week or two ago and I don’t know if we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque or what, but memory lane took us flash dancing down with LaVar Burton and PBS awesomeness. So, check it out and enjoy!


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The World Looks Great From Out Here In Space

For all of you who wondered if I had fell off the face of the earth, I assure you, contrary to the title, I am still very much alive.  I normally don’t do a lot of personal updates on here, but seeing as my absence has been lengthy, I just want to share a little bit and put some hearts at rest. 

To dispel any rumors, no I am not drug running down in Venezuela, I am not running a Captain Crunch smuggling ring in Hong Kong and I have not slipped into the dastardly Nashville Underground filled with Musicians, vegetarians and Swing Dancers (although those are some of my favorite people here 🙂 ).

No, for the past three weeks, I have been embarking on a journey and gearing up.  So, here is the nutshell:

  • A few weeks ago, I felt a strong urge to re-enroll in schoolso I did.  I am now working towards a communications degree and should be done next September.
  • This was spurred on by a sudden, but persistent thought: I should go to Japan and teach English.
  • Which led to much researching and finally settling on the plan of applying with the JET programme after graduating next year. 
  • My little Fern (my Saturn) blew a head gasket and died
  • I began a search for a new car
  • Drama ensued (I am sure that will end up a post in itself, so I won’t give the details here)
  • I have had the privilege of working on some freelance writing projects, so that is exciting.
  • I started school last week (and believe me, enrolling, applying for financial aid, requesting transcripts and starting school all in less than 10 days, it was pretty intense).  Classes are accelerated and on a 7 week time frame.  Right now, I have to prove myself and do well on one class at a time, but starting in January I will be doubling up…I can’t wait.
  • While still working full time.

Ok, spelled out, it doesn’t look like that much, but it has been crazy.  But I am sooooooooooo excited for the next couple of years.  It’s great to be back in school and the classes that are coming down the pike are really great.

That being said, I can now say that I will be back in a more regular swing here shortly.  I will try to keep school talk and Japan talk to a minimum. 

And just for fun, I am looking to challenge myself a little more on the writing front, so I want to invite you all to be part of the challenge.  Is there something you would like to see addressed/discussed/explored on this blog?  Drop the topic in the comments.  Feel free to be as challenging or creative as you want.  Also, I know I have had a couple of people asking about writing lately, so I also want to throw out a warning…I may be asking some of you if you would like to guest post on here sometime *cough**Elaine**cough*. 

That’s about it for the update!



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More to Come Soon, Guest Posting & Travel

Good Morning friends.  I know it has been a little over a week since my last post and I do appologize for that.  Last week/weekend had me traveling to the great country of Texas to visit some old friends, and while my good intentions were to write, it was pretty non-stop.  And you know what they say about good intentions…

While we are on the topic of hell, make sure to check out  my Guest Post on Sammy Adebiyi’s Blog (do it, you know you want to).  And don’t just read it and go…hummm, interesting.  Actually get in there and comment, even if you never, ever do. 🙂

Anyway, some good stuff is coming down the pike, look forward to it.  Over the next week, we will be exlporing everything from How Church is Like and the book, Blue Like Jazz and the funeral of the most awesome Blue Shoes ever.

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First Adventure of the Spring

Note: Wrote this last week and never posted it, so it’s a week late, but it was still fun!

Spring is finally here!!!!!  As interesting as it was to live somewhere where it snows (can’t lie, wasn’t expecting Nashville to be that state.  Illinois or Ohio, sure, but Tenseness?), but I am a Cali girl at heart and I was a little tired of getting weird looks wearing flip flops to Kroger’s while it flurried outside.  But, this post isn’t about winter, it’s about Spring!!!

When I first moved here, the catch phrase that seemed to resound from all my fellow California transplants was “Wait until Spring—it’s beautiful”  And true to their words, life has been burst at the proverbial seams.  The trees are all in bloom, both with flowers and leaves, the weather has gotten warm enough for jaunts with dad on the motorcycle (more on that later) and all in all, it just makes me want to live in sun dresses and flip flops and read outside all day…Until it rains, but with every give, there is some take.

This past weekend, Mom and I were randomly taken with the idea of hitting the yard sales.  Friday night, we decided let’s go dig through other peoples junk until we find something awesome!  So, Saturday morning hits, we jump on Craigslist and jot down some locals to visit.  Once in the car, armed with our $1 drinks from McD’s, we embark.  Upon arriving at our first location, we discovered they must have had awesome junk, because they were already gone.  Second stop…gone.  Driving around, we only saw one or two unadvertised shindigs capitalizing on baby clothes and grandmotherly decorations.  Saddened, we determined all the true sales must have been raptured, because really, we weren’t seeing anything. Did I mention this was all in a 30 minute time frame (our town isn’t very big and neither of us really know our way around).  Well, as we were reduced to driving aimlessly around the backwoods of Bellevue, a friend called and gave us “directions” to a quaint little neighborhood of shops known as Berry Hill (we think it is actually a town snuggled in another town).

In that moment, we decided “Let’s do it!” It didn’t matter that we had no clue where we were going and in the long run, our directions were missing some important turns, but long story short, we made it to Berry Hill.  It was a breath of Santa Cruz air nestled in the heart of whatever bigger town Berry Hill is in.

Our journey started at the Curious Heart—we laughed and laughed…talk about pricy novelty that is worth the time and potentially money spent, this store had everything from a solar powered owl that’s head moves back and forth to moustache band-aids to awesome lamps and purses to fun little vinal record looking coasters, featuring the number one hit from The Watermarks, “Keep it Clean”.  I recommend this little price gouger for a good laugh and cute finds.  Next, we stopped by a consignment store.  I have decided I will take a thrift store over a consignment shop any day.  But, it was something to chock up to experience.  We continued our journey and saw a homemade ice cream shop, an herbal place, a few photographers studios, some amp and even supply stores, etc.  We began to think we had our highlight at our first stop when we came across an awesome little shop.  The Wish List.

The Wish List was an antique shop/art gallery of sorts.  From the little girl skipping rope outside (not even meant as a marketing ploy, but she was supper cute, so it served an unintended purpose…unintended purpose, is that possible? Something to ponder).  Really, the items were amazing.  Hand made checker boards made from a picture frame to iconic pieces printed on antique Encyclopedia pages to vintage clothes.  Three rooms chock full of treasures that you wanted to explore, all arranged with an eclectic elegance.  The shops proprietor was friendly and you could see this shop was her passion.  I picked myself up a “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” on a Literary Illusions page and mom picked up a secret for dad.  Oh, it went perfectly with the fresh air and sunshine we had experienced all day.  If you are in Berry Hill or on Facebook, check out The Wish List!

Mom and I wrapped up our day with lunch at the Calypso Café.  Ok, let’s just quote Sid the Sloth “Yummo”.  The curry chicken and the nachos were my favorite, but it was all around good, I even like the greens and black beans (two things I normally am not all about).  And their salsa was a sweet smoky number that was really good.  They are located in Belle Mead as well, so, if you are in the mood for some Caribbean type food, stop by. Thus ended our excursion, but it was awesome.  Some places to try next time may include the shop where you make your own pancakes…all though, something just says that defeats the purpose.

Sunday, it was time for a Daddy Daughter Date as we call it.  So, we hopped on the motorcycle and away we went.  We stopped by the Timmons res and met a potential new member of the family…a black lab mix yet to be named (I vote for Bronte, but dad doesn’t think it’s feminine enough).  She is a sweet heart!  I’m not a huge pet person, but something inside me thawed almost instantly.  Dad thinks she is sweet, but dumb as a bag of rocks.  I say any dog that can recognize the futility of fetch after two times and can get the human to go after the ball is smarter than most.  After that, we cruised through the back woods and then down Charlotte into down town, up west end and back down 70S for home. Not an epic ride, but so nice.  It was just hitting dusk as we were riding Broadway and West End.

The only down side…my favorite necklace broke somewhere on the ride.  So, if anyone finds a decopodged domino that says “Time of Joy” on it, give me a holla J

Thus ends the chronicling of my first spring adventure in Nashville.  Next week (the past two days), the Flea Market and the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival).

Anyone else have stories from their weekend?




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Today’s conundrum: Where to safely sit my coffee?

This one today goes out to all my friends and family still residing in the great state of California.  As many of you know (or many who don’t read this know), I recently relocated to Nashville, TN from the great metropolis of Fresno, CA.  It has in fact been 44 days since I traded  in my flip-flops and rain for flip-flops and snow; which I will say has earned me quite a bit of ridicule considering my local cohort is less than twenty-five people.  The “C” word has even been tossed around, and no, I don’t mean Cool, Compelling or Creative. 

But, aside from my sanity being called into question by something as small as foot wear, I am finding the people here are a great lot and I am excited to get to know them better.  The general consensis – No one from Nashville is originally so, or at least those true natives are few and far between.  However, moving here tends to temper the aggressive gene that is exacerbated in California, and thus, even through people may drive crazy, they are still friendly and don’t hold traffic errors against each other.  The weather here is crazy, rain, snow, sun, snow, squirls…I do have to admit, sometimes the flip-flops are a matter of principle rather than practicality.  I have learned my feet do still posses nerve endings that Nashville’s cold wind has been able to resurrect.

That should cover the generalities for my California friends.  I miss you all and the lack of temperatures below 20 degrees, but I am glad with the transition so far.  

Oh, and lest I forget (wow, I just used the word lest, and I haven’t even been ready Austen of late…and I’m not going to comment on ‘of late’), I am still job hunting.  I have found that retail for some reason doesn’t want me…something about being over qualified I guess.  I applied with a temp to hire agency and hope to see some fruit from that seed.  We shall see.  Temporarily during the search, I get to live my dream as a full-time writer…or at least, I get to write full time…anyway.

I should have expected to be stunned and shocked by what God has in store, but the past month has surpassed my expectations.  I hadn’t realized how numb I had become in my duty to serve.  I was thankful and committed to follow and obey, but my heart that rejoiced in a God so much beyond what I knew had grown so still, it had atrophied to a greater extent than I knew.  If I could sum up this past six weeks, it would be the restoring of my rock solid heart.  A reawakening to a God who is so great that nothing else comes close to comparing.  It may be common sense to others, but the revelation that God is truly the only thing worth seeking (and I use the term thing not to negate the personhood of God, but to communicate that there is no noun (person, place or thing) that is worth being sought in light of who God is).  When Matthew 6:33 commands us to “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness”, I see a whole new side of it.  The more I seek God and who He is (His righteousness), the less appealing seeking other things is.  Yet, as I seek Him, surprisingly (well, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise) the promise that then (and only then) will everything be added spreads out before me in greater measure than ever before.  Anyway, these are just some of my musings as I have been walking down this road of transition. 

Oh, and in the event that someone has actually read through the entirety of this post and now finds themself pondering any possible correlation between what has passed and todays title, it’s pretty simple.  Being as I have just moved, I am typing on my laptop sitting on my air mattress with no convenient place to sit my lovely cup of coffee as I blog and proceed to write for a few hours.  Anyone who writes knows it’s easy to hit a flow and if my coffee were in another room or on the floor, the poor cup would go neglected.  Thus, the solution:

(Yay for fleece blankets that are able to solve life’s biggest quandaries)


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