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What is in a Name?

With the start of a New Year, I am back at the keys and picking up a blog that I have been neglectful of for a few months.  It’s not a resolution.  I’m not declaring I will now post 2 times a week, with x amount of guest posts or a play list of topics.  However, I do want to shed light on the purpose behind this blog.

For just about as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with names.  At the age of 16, etymology was an informal hobby and often friends would ask me to investigate the meaning/origin of their name.  One of my favorite road trips included dissecting fellow roadies names: Handsome Little Miracle, Ruler of One Oak Tree, etc.

I feel names are important for two reasons.

1) One, words have power.  If you are constantly expressing negativity, you will be surrounded by it.  If you speak life and love, that’s what you’ll be surrounded by.  Names are what is most often spoken over people.  Those names have meaning.  Take Naomi in the book of Ruth.  After she had endured a famine, the loss of her family and a harsh relocation, she asked people not to call her Naomi, which means ‘beautiful and gentle’.  No, she wanted to be called Mara, because it means ‘bitter’.  Wonder what Naomi was trying to say…<insert slightly sarcastic face>.  Notice though, through the whole book, they continue to call her Naomi and the end of her story was marked with beauty and she became gentle once more.

2) People live up or down to the expectations given to them.  I remember finding out that my name meant sane and intelligent or sanity and intelligence of God/wisdom of God.  Yeah, when I felt like freaking out or was faced with a situation that called for discernment, I remembered that meaning and found myself trying hard to live in a way that ‘deserved’ to carry it.  On a lighter note, I have known a Matthew or two that was quick to remind me that his name meant God’s gift and I had better recognize.

So, if what something is named is a declaration to be spoken and a standard to strive for, I believe a title is a map or teaser for what is presented under it.

FOG for Muses.

FOG is a cheesy little acronym that used to slightly bug me.  My friends would experience something good and say they were in the FOG or Favor of God.  It seemed cliché, and I still maintain that it is.  However, one day (the day I started this blog actually), I had a conversation that basically evaluated how so often, in the moments where you have the least control or the worst ability to see what is coming, God has this tendency to whip in there and save your butt.  It’s those times where it’s hardest to imagine or comprehend what is happening that his favor shines brightest.

Real fog (and those who live in the central valley can back me up) reflects light like crazy.  Inexperienced fog drivers will make the rookie mistake of throwing their high beams on to try and dispel the disorienting haze.  All that does is illuminate the haze so you can see it more clearly, not the road you’re on.  But it brightens your car too.  You can see immediately around you just a little brighter that before.  That’s kind of like the favor of God.  You may not understand.  It may not explain everything, but it makes where you are lighter.  It only comes when you’re surrounded and there is absolutely nothing in your power that has any bearing on it: situation or solution.

Muse.  Simply stated, a muse is something that inspires.  Every individual has the ability to serve as a muse.  I use the word serve, because that is what it takes to inspire in such a way that change is achieved.  It can’t be about the muse, it has to be about what is inside artist or the one in need of inspiration.  Inspiration only comes when a catalyst finds a receptive atmosphere in which to work.

In short, FOG for Muses is a blog committed to the recognition, reciprocation and recounting of those things which have inspired, can inspire and hopefully will inspire those who encounter them to inspire others.

All that to say, I am excited for this year and thankful for those of you who have joined me thus far.  Today is the greatest season to live in, let’s make the most of it.


Just for fun, what does your name mean?



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