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Family Friday

Introducing a new element to Fog For Muses-Family Friday.  Every Friday, it is my goal to highlight the God given talent/creative expression/blog/etc of someone I consider family.

Ok, I know I don’t have the biggest of platforms when it comes to blogging, but I consider you all part of my online family.

That being the case, I want to connect you with some of my blood family.  My brother Jared, just released an ep via Noise Trade.  Check it out!


As the only sister of the founding member, I was blessed with the opportunity to sit in on some of their “studio” work.  Apart from having to be really quiet while sitting in a creaky chair, can I just say it was a mind blowing experience.  I never thought I would hear my brother say “Man, I wish this track had a little Mandolin…give me a sec” and then watch him pick up a mandolin (an instrument he does not play) and figure out the chords for his song!  It’s a little sick, if you ask me, but still amazing :).  So, check out their ep and if you ask nicely, I’ll leak some other random facts from my studio time with Jared Ferguson and Matt Hall.

And hey, if you want a Family Friday plug/shout out/guest blog, let me know.

We have two awesome guest blogs coming up in the near future from Janis Ferguson (my mommy) and a sister of my heart, Elaine Otuije, so, consider this the cue to get excited 😉



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