Inspiring Action

Hello Friends!  Ok, you know when you stumble across something and looking back after the initial trip, you can see the hand of God just about pushing you over it?  Well, I recently had this experience.  A month or so ago, I became acquainted with an organziation known as The Mocha Club.  This is an organization that’s purpose is to make a difference and provide hope to people in Africa.  The goal is to raise awareness and move people to action in a way that most can be involved.  We may not have thousands of dollars or notoriety that can move the masses.  And that is the beauty of it.  For $7 a month, by coming together, we can provide hope for people who otherwise wouldn’t have it.

If you have a heart for children or for women who are forced into sex trafficking and have no hope of getting out, please keep reading and get  involved.  If you are like me, you know that regardless of location or situation in life, every individual human being is marked with the imprint of divinity.  They are an individual entity that is more precious than words. 

A few years back, a huge light was flipped on and the plight of the Invisible Children in Sudan was exposed.  To often, in Africa, because of rampant disease and volatile economic atmospheres, children from many countries (the Invisible Children just being one example) find themselves orphaned or tossed out into a gutter with nothing but their under developed instincts to get them by.  I’ve recently partnered with the Mocha Club to bring awareness to the need for safety, structure and hope for the Children in Africa.  Please, check out the link below and see how you can get involved.

Or, maybe you have heard of the countless women and girls in underprivileged countries that wind up buried in a living death, lost as a nameless face, a voiceless soul to sex trafficking.  Many times, the find themselves so lost because there truly was no other option.  Living in the relative comfort America provides, it’s hard to understand that someone could ever be in such a position, but it happens.  So, please, remember these women are someone’s baby girl, and if that natural someone won’t speak for them, we must.

$7 a month can mean life or death…please, get connected. 



PS-it’s an awesome thing to do with groups and organizations, fyi 🙂


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